The Most Efficient Way for Worm Compostion

My Failures

My hobby for composting started this summer when I tried to build a big wooden crate for composting.  The reason I did not decide to buy a commercial composition bin was because one, they’re made out of plastic, which makes it harder for the worms to breath and two, they’re very expensive, averaging to around $80.  The wooden crate ended up failing miserably (it kept on falling apart).  However, seeking a new composition bin, I found this method online.

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Bamboo Steamer

Bamboo steamer, are mimic the traits of commercial composition bins except they most likely have better ventilation (they are wooden v.s. plastic) and contain several trays.

How to Use

Put a plate underneath the bamboo steamer to catch liquids.

You would use a bamboo steamer as a compost bin like you would with a regular trayed compost bin.

  1. Add food scraps to the top tray(s) and leave the bottom tray(s) empty.
  2. When the top tray(s) are full with worm compost, put food scrap(s) in the bottom trays.
  3. Wait until you think all the worms have moved from the top tray(s) to the bottom tray(s) and empty the top tray(s) and stack the bottom tray(s) on top of the top tray(s).

You might also want to line the bottom of certain trays with netting to prevent worms from falling onto the plate and drowning.

Where to Buy

Bamboo steamers can be found in Asian grocery stores, department stores, or online.  They cost around $5.

Good luck!

Images From…–37356/bamboo-steamer.asp

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